Upcoming Event: INTERFACE Sacramento February 14th
Upcoming Event: INTERFACE Portland March 8th
Upcoming Event: INTERFACE Arkansas March 22nd
Upcoming Event: INTERFACE Charlotte March 29th

Forecasting 2018 Cyber Threats and How California is Prepared

  Presented by Keith Tresh • Commander, California Cybersecurity Integration Center

Keith leads the Cal-CSIC Team developing the State’s cyber vision and strategic direction. At the INTERFACE-Sacramento event on February 14th, Keith will lay out how the Cal-CSIC is meeting their Gubernatorial mandate to establish and lead the California Cybersecurity Integration Center as the central organizing hub of state government’s cybersecurity activities, and coordinate information sharing with local, state and federal agencies, the education sector, tribal governments, utilities and other service providers and non-governmental organizations. He will also discuss how the Cal-CSIC interrelates and operates with the California Department of Technology, The California Highway Patrol, and the California Military Department to keep California cyber secure and advance State cyber resilience.

The California Cybersecurity Integration Center works closely with the California State Threat Assessment System and the U.S Department of Homeland Security – National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, sharing cyber threat information that is received pertaining to academic institutions, utilities, private companies, and other appropriate sources every day. At this meeting, you will understand why and how you can become one of their partners, and Keith will discuss future opportunities for you to partner with State on in the cybersecurity realm.

Leveraging the Latest Flash Technology to Meet the Needs of Your Entire Business

  Presented by Tegile, a Western Digital brand 

Business demands on IT infrastructure are increasing while the pace of change accelerates. In order to support business requirements, companies must understand the value that new storage technologies can provide. Storage technologies are emerging that provide benefits beyond those already delivered by Flash and SSDs. In order to evaluate and plan for these new technologies, it is important for companies to know how to evaluate their business needs in light of these emerging technologies. This session will cover the economic and performance benefits of non-volatile, memory-based storage technologies, along with new access methods known as NVMe.

Internet 3.0: Networking of Only Trusted Identities

  Presented by Tempered Networks

While Networking 1.0 was about networking all PCs and giving users access to the Internet, the current era of Networking 2.0 has been focused on networking everything. These things are being networked and attempts are being made to secure them with no provable identity. Instead, we’re creating complex networking and security policies based on an IP address as identity. This creates exponential attack vectors and makes networking much more complex, costly, and fragile, introducing risk for our mission critical infrastructure. To dramatically reduce the business risks that impact most organizations today, a new identity networking paradigm is required to fix the underlying flaw in IP: a flaw that afflicts all networking and security products. Only through provable device identity can we begin to unify networking and security, overcoming the risk, complexity, and cost of today’s networks. Lowering CapEx and OpEx through radical policy simplification and segmentation, with no disruption to existing infrastructure, is now possible. With Networking 3.0, organizations can securely connect, cloak, segment, move, failover, and disconnect any connected ‘thing’ instantly – anytime, anywhere, without worry.