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September 7th, 2017

  Presented by Val Mukherjee • Executive Director, Cyber Advisory Services for Ernst and Young

We are living in a very uncertain world, where every facet of business and society is subjected to disruptive trends. Digital technologies have not only given us amenities that has transformed the world around us, but they have also made information more accessible, at times to the wrong hands. While traditional enterprise information security has morphed in many ways to meet the current needs, there are too many moving parts around people, processes, and technology, with competing needs for attention and resources. This talk will discuss the various aspects of digital disruption and how businesses can elevate their cybersecurity posture to benefit from the digital innovation.

Presented by: Val Mukherjee / Executive Director, Cyber Advisory Services for Ernst and Young

Valmiki (Val) is a globally recognized expert in cyber and cloud security industry with focus on innovation and collaboration to address the information security needs of the future. He is a Cyber Futurist, Diplomat and Evangelist who promotes international cooperation and collaboration on Trusted Cyber.

Val is considered an original thought leader in the domain of Cyber Peace and in 2014 established the Cyber Peace Alliance, a global think/do tank of cybersecurity and policy experts advancing the concept of a secure and trusted Cyberspace. In September 2015, Val founded the Cyber Future Foundation and its constituents including the Cyber Peace Alliance to take the initiative forward.

Val is known for his commitment to the information security community and is constantly engaged as a leader and contributor within many standards initiatives, security alliances and consortiums. Val is a leader in the Global Cloud Security Alliance community, founder of North Texas Regional Cloud Security Alliance Organization and also a member of NIST Standard Development Organization efforts.

Val is also one of the original SMEs of Cloud based Security as a Service domain and contributed directly to the growth and adoption of the domain through his involvement at the Cloud Security Alliance.

Val, in various progressive leadership roles, has served as a catalyst for many business and practices in the cybersecurity domain. Val is a visionary strategist who has helped leading global organizations with strategy & roadmap, cyber program management, and cyber transformation initiatives. He is a trusted advisor to the Boardroom, C-Suite and Executive owners of Cybersecurity, Cloud and Information Risk Management programs of several leading global organizations.

Specialties: Organization Building • Leadership Development in Cyber • International Relationships • Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expertise • Executive Strategy & Roadmap • Cyber Transformation Advisory • Policy Development