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TechJunction Tulsa
November 16th, 2017

  Presented by Jonathan Kimmitt • CISO, University of Tulsa

Why are there so many different kinds of martial arts in the world? The simple answer is because there are many different kinds of attackers. The techniques you deploy against an attacker in hand to hand combat is very different from if your attacker was on horseback. Cyber Security is very similar, where defense tactics may be different based on the attacker, risk, or the vulnerability.

In this interactive discussion, we will look at our organizations from a very old point of view, and ask some basic ‘self-defense’ questions.

Presented by: Jonathan Kimmitt / CISO, University of Tulsa

Jonathan Kimmitt is a seasoned IT leader, currently serving as Chief IT Security Officer for the University of Tulsa. His primary responsibility is the development and execution of the University’s IT Security Initiative. Jonathan has 15 years of experience at TU in Information Services & Security Operations, and has been involved with all aspects of IT at the University. For the past several years, Jonathan has been focused on moving the campus forward in IT Security with an ever more arduous environment in higher education. With both the lack of funding and the increase in technical complexity, Jonathan’s expression of “Simple Security Works”, has been the founding principle of IT Security at the University.