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INTERFACE Sacramento
February 14th, 2018

  Presented by Check Point Software

With benefits like increased agility and improved efficiencies, it's no surprise that businesses are rapidly migrating data and workloads to the cloud. When it comes to protecting sensitive data, extensive measures should be taken to keep information private and secure. However, that's easier said than done, especially in the cloud. The growth and popularity of cloud solutions continues to drive more data beyond traditional IT security protections – into networks no longer owned, managed or controlled by corporate IT teams. While cloud providers deliver strong security controls to protect the cloud fabric, they have no knowledge of “normal” customer traffic and thus are unable to determine malicious content or activity from benign. Since the responsibility to protect a cloud environment is now shared between the customer and the cloud provider, that begs the question; what really happens when you spin up a new cloud service and connect it to the Internet?

Join this informative session to learn real-world examples of the risks associated with moving data and assets to the cloud, and hear guidance on how to leverage IT security to keep your cloud environment protected while staying aligned to the dynamic needs of your cloud network.