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The Data is Worthless

  Presented by Edmund Jackson, PhD • Chief Data Scientist, Clinical Services Group, HCA – Hospital Corporation of America

Companies are increasingly realizing that the mere capture of data and the proliferation of analytic products do not lead to the promised revolution of their businesses. To be effective and valuable, data must have a tight coupling to tooling and action. This news is hardly revolutionary, but takes careful design and relentless attention to achieve in practice. In this talk, Dr. Jackson will share experiences from HCA Healthcare in creating effective data and analytic products in the clinical operations domain. In particular, he will focus on how data science offers opportunities for simplification.

Dr. Jackson is the HCA Chief Data Scientist and Vice President of Data & Analytics within the Clinical Services Group. His education is a BscEng and MScEng both in electronic engineering, followed by a PhD in statistical signal processing from Cambridge University. In that work, Edmund focused on applications of sequential Markov chain methods in bioinformatics. He pursued a career as a quantitative analyst in the hedge fund industry for several years. More recently, Edmund has sought more meaningful work and found it at HCA, where his remit is to create algorithms and systems to improve the quality of clinical care, operational efficiency and financial performance of the firm through better utilization of data. In his spare time, Edmund enjoys CrossFit.