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Ransomware and the FBI

  Presented by Will Bales • Supervisory Special Agent, FBI

This presentation will focus on the FBI’s definition of the ransomware threat, what the FBI has been seeing in complaints and information related to ransomware incidents and the current ransomware landscape. We will also discuss the FBI’s strategy for combating ransomware, how ransomware is evolving and the emerging threats related to ransomware.

Will Bales entered on duty as a Special Agent with the FBI in 2008. Will was assigned to the Los Angeles FBI field office where he worked on criminal cyber investigations and intellectual property rights crimes. In 2014‐2015, he served as the Cyber ALAT in Seoul, Korea addressing matters such as the Sony Pictures intrusion and the attack on the US Ambassador to South Korea. He was then promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and assigned to the Major Cyber Crimes Unit, Cyber Division, where he was responsible for leading the FBI’s effort against ransomware. In 2017, Will was promoted to supervisor over FBI’s Honolulu Cyber squad. Prior to the FBI, Will worked in private industry for eight years providing technical support and network administration. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems.