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Advisory Council

Advisor-approved content is the foundation upon which our conferences are developed. Each conference is guided by an Advisory Council of IT executives and senior managers. Advisor members represent both private and public sector organizations. The council contributes their insight on proposed educational topics and recommends local exhibitors and associations for participation.

  • Complimentary Conference Access (staff and professional network included)
  • Exclusive Educational Opportunities (including roundtables & power panels)
  • CPE Accredited Seminars
  • Peer Networking

Role of the Advisors

Advisors contribute to the selection of educational content for the conference through an educational content selection interview. During this conversation Advisors discuss the topics of greatest relevance to their position and company in the areas of: information security, business continuity, disaster recovery, infrastructure, and communications. The aggregate of the Advisory Council’s input is used for the selection of seminar content at the conference. Six weeks prior to the conference, the Advisors attend a web-based planning meeting during which they review the proposed educational content. During this meeting, the Council offers suggested changes to content and format. Additionally, this process is intended to ensure seminar content abides by the requirement that all educational material be vendor-agnostic.

Exhibitor participation in our conferences is limited based on the projected attendance at the conference. The ratio maintained is eight attendees to every one Exhibitor booth. This ratio is applied to ensure a valuable and comfortable experience for the attendees of our conferences. In order to ensure those Exhibitors invited provide excellent service and desired products, we ask that our Advisors make recommendations of VAR’S, manufacturers, and resellers.

In order to provide a wide benefit to the attendees of our conferences, we rely on our Advisors to provide feedback and make requests concerning the format of the conference. If Advisors have suggestions which would improve the product demonstrations of Exhibitors, our passport program design, the LinkedIn Group, or any other facet of the conference we ask that they share this feedback with us.

Our conferences can be valuable resources for IT professionals at almost any level. We encourage our Advisors to share an invitation with coworkers, association partners, trusted Exhibitors, and professional connections throughout the community.

Benefits & Expectations


The needs of your team and company, the education you seek, and Exhibitors you need to meet at a conference will vary. As an Advisor, you will have the ability to hand select the educational content topics and Exhibitors present at the conference. With a limited investment of time, you will effectively create a custom conference experience for your local IT community.


The Advisory Council is an assembly of your peers from the local region. During the planning process, we offer the ability for Advisors to be a part of a contact list, which is distributed only to Advisors and F2F Events, Inc. team members. Additionally, we have a LinkedIn Group for past and present Advisors from across the nation. Through this platform, Advisors share educational resources they have created and discovered.

There is no cost to attend; however, conference admission is by invitation only. As an Advisor, there is no limit to the number of invitations you can distribute.


What is expected of Advisors?

  • Participate in the selection of seminar content and exhibitor participation during an educational content selection conversation (15 minutes via phone)
  • Review educational content (web-based planning meeting 2.5 hours: review proposed content & deliver feedback)
  • Provide suggestions for development (as needed and through completion of a post-conference survey)

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